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Tumring Commune, Kompong Thom. Cambodia?The remains of a forest clear cut for a rubber plantation?This commercial project conceived at highest levels of government was meant to lift people out of poverty. Hun Sen,the prime minister, said of its inception, "Have seen. Please continue this work, cutting the area of red soil out of the logging concession and giving it to Chup Rubber to plant ?rubber and motivate villagers there to plant family rubber ?trees." Also the director of the provincial forestry department who recommended the project described its effect as "enhancing peoples living conditions and ...protecting the environment." He went on to describe the forest as having no commercial value. In contrast monitoring organizations have described the area as one of the richest forests in Cambodia. Colexim, the majority stake holder in the project, owned partly by the government has itself said,that 7 million cubic meters of wood has been cut and is ready for transport. At market rates that is hundreds of millions of dollars worth of wood. So far the community has little to show for it.?